Tivoli.tv is a brand-new Belgian independent production company, created in September 2019 by carnies Kris Spaepen, Anouck Vercammen and Koen De Blende, a trio that knows the ropes of the Belgian audiovisual sector. Kris started in 1996 as a freelancer for several production companies. In 2011, he was appointed managing director at Zodiak Belgium.

Anouck has been working for television since 2001, on both the producers’ side (The Voice Kids) and the networks’ side (SBS Belgium, DPG Media). Koen De Blende developed and created content for, amongst others, Kanakna Productions and Endemol Belgium. He is the man who came up with “De Pedaalridders” for VT4 and “Les Héros du Gazon” for La Une.


Originally a Latin word meaning 'pleasant environment', later also explained as 'pleasure place'.

Ti = you, Folie = crazy


Travelling fun fair


Amusement park in Copenhagen

‘Tivoli', in the centre of Copenhagen, is one of the world’s oldest amusement parks. It is well known outside Denmark. In the fifties Walt Disney visited this park to get inspiration for the construction of his first Disney Park.

The production company Tivoli.tv sees the world of television and film production as one big amusement park. The audiovisual world is our playground! One day is a crazy rollercoaster ride, the next day we do rounds on the merry-go-round, our hair blowing in the wind. Tivoli.tv is always colourful, vibrant and bustling. It is the perfect environment for the development and production of new, fresh television programmes. Allez-allez... Roulez!...